Site Selection

Few of the factors considered during Datacenter site selection are size of the room, future expansion, obstructions, entry and exit considerations, floor loading, access to services like cooling ODUs, Electrical input, Earthing, Safety & Security etc. Our expert team visits your site and we decide best suitable location from the available options considering your current and future requirement.

When site preparation requirements for Server Room are to be prepared, it is necessary to cope with the project need and the physical environment. Advice on the following aspects should be sought from computer vendor(s):

  • Weight and dimensions of the computer equipment.
  • Electrical requirements of the computer equipment.
  • Total heat dissipation and cooling requirements of the computer equipment.
  • Types of signal cables.
  • Equipment footprint with clearance for maintenance and operation.

General Requirements and consideration for site selection:

  • Sufficient floor loading for computer equipment, air-conditioning system, raised floor and emergency power supply system.
  • A minimum require headroom (lowest point of ceiling to structural floor) of 2.8m is recommended.
  • In less heavy industry or corrosive air areas to avoid contamination.
  • Not on top floor or ground floor or the basement of the building to avoid solar heat absorption or flooding.
  • Away from dangerous goods storage, mechanical shock, excessive vibrations and high fire and water risks areas.
  • To eliminate the effect of electromagnetic interference, Server Room should be located away from generator room, lift plant room, or in some cases, the radar or telecommunication control rooms.
  • Sufficient transportation facilities for equipment movement to Server Room (e.g. lift service and passage clearance).

Cooling System:

  • Split and Cassette AC
  • Ductable / centralise AC
  • Precision AC
  • In-row Cooling Unit
  • AHU and FCU
  • Air and Water cooledchiller
  • Active grilled tiles
  • Damper and Diffusers
  • Condenser and Evaporator coils

Precise Air Conditioning

Precision air conditioning technology provides reliable cooling that is geared towards the requirements of technical infrastructure. Dedicated technology rooms in data centers or switching stations require precisely controlled relative humidity, room temperature, air conduction and air distribution. Computer equipment generates heat, and is sensitive to heat, humidity, and dust, but also the need for very high resilience and failover requirements. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to IT system reliability.

In most server rooms “close control air conditioning” systems, also known as PAC (precision air conditioning) systems are installed. These systems control temperature, humidity and particle filtration within tight tolerances 24 hours a day and can be remotely monitored. They can have built-in automatic alerts when conditions within the server room move outside defined tolerances.

Air conditioning designs for most computer or server rooms will vary depending on various design considerations, but they are generally one of two types: “up-flow” and “down-flow” configurations.

Precision cooling size is decided by the heat load of servers, current and future expansion, Room losses. The cooling media can be water or refrigerant gas. The selection of cooling unit is decided on the heat load per rack. For cooling up to 5 KW per rack, perimeter cooling can be used. The cooling technique changes for higher power densities.

Our expert team visits your location and decides the right make, model based on design and site conditions.

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC IT BUSINESS INDIA PVT LTD (APC / Uniflair) Precision Air Conditioning Units

We are the Authorized Channel Partner of Uniflair India Pvt Ltd. (now Schneider Electric), one of the world’s leading producers of precision air conditioners. Uniflair precision air conditioning units ensure that optimum temperature, humidity and air quality conditions are maintained wherever it is necessary to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of vital technological processes. Sophisticated microprocessor controls are incorporated within all Uniflair units to manage the requisite functions of cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification and filtration. Their units are most compact available in the market and provide high powered cooling and high energy consumption with minimum of fuss. Easy access to all components ensures easy installation, service and maintenance.

Schneider/ Uniflair precision air conditioning units are available in following ratings.

  • Amico – S Series: 5KW – 22KW
  • Leonardo – Evolution: 22W – 65KW
  • Leonardo – Max Series: 65KW – 140KW

Schneider / APC InRow precision air conditioning units are available in following ratings.

  • InRow ACRD101 – 10KW – 29KW
  • InRow ACRP102 – 29KW
  • InRow ACRC103 – 20KW – 60KW

The above are available in following versions.

  • Air- or water-cooled direct expansion versions (DX)
  • Chilled water versions (CW).
  • Twin cool versions (TC), characterized by a chilled water section and a water- or air-cooled, refrigerant fluid direct expansion section.

Main Features of Uniflair Precise Air Conditioning

  • Highly sensible cooling system.
  • Intelligent dehumidification, without reduction in air flow.
  • Fan is provided with speed control so that the cooling performance and the noise level of the unit can be tailored to application.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Intelligent supervision and reliability through monitoring of all components with precise and clear display of any malfunction or abnormal conditions.
  • Accessories can be incorporated
  • High fire tolerance.
  • High pressure strength.
  • Compact in design and all the internal components are easily accessible.
  • In conformity with set standards
  • Why Us?

    • Unique India provides solutions for any type of environment friendly precise air conditioning need.
    • Being Authorized Channel Partner of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC IT BUSINESS INDIA PVT LTD (Uniflair India Pvt Ltd), we get heavy discount on their products and are able to sell these at lower than market rates and also provide much better after-sales sales service.